Las Quebradas

Nestled in the mountains in the Boaco region of Nicaragua sits a village that stole our hearts. The people of Las Quebradas are kind and hospitable, joyful and hungry for more of Christ. The people of Las Quebradas earn money mainly through selling milk and eggs and trading cows in larger cities. Las Quebradas is also a hub for several other communities listed below. Since 2015, we have seen community members put their faith in Jesus for the first time and men and women gather to worship. We pray that the Lord would continue to look upon this community with favor and pour out His spirit over them.

Wiscoyol • El Coyol • El Llano • La Conga • La Guatucera

La Seba • Los Altos • Las Quebradas II

Families in these communities are some of the most impoverished in the area and try to find and keep agricultural jobs. When we visit Las Quebradas we like to spend time also visiting families here. In addition, we always invite them to Las Quebradas for services, movies, activities and more. Join us in praying that they would seek the Lord with more fervor and depend on Him to provide for their greatest needs.

Trash Dump in Jinotega

Entire generations of people live and work in the city of Jinotega's trash dump. They live in dangerous and unhealthy conditions without running water, consistent access to food, four walls around them, latrines or clothing and shoes that fit. They work by digging through giant heaps of trash to find metal or plastic they can sell. Please pray with us that this community would experience daily joy, freedom and security in Christ Jesus and that God would reward them richly for faith throughout eternity.

Casique Sasle

Pastor Martín Irias introduced us to Casique Sasle in March 2018. In the past, many children here have not been able to attend school because they lacked a uniform and proper supplies. We are still getting to know this community and pray that families there would find their anchors in Christ and that He would empower the next generation with the wisdom necessary to break cycles of poverty. 


As an organization, Set in Motion began here in 2014. 55 kilometers removed from Managua, this rural community is home to about 100 large families. People in this community work in Managua and other nearby towns for two weeks at a time with a two-day break in between. We are proud and deeply thankful that the Lord has multiplied our efforts, inspiring many families as they strive to see the Lord. Join us in praying that God would give people of this community steadfast faith and hope.

We love Nicaragua!