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Alleviate spiritual and physical poverty 

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Why bikes?


Achieve a stable income

Without stable transportation, villagers from rural areas cannot hold jobs. Many Set in Motion bike recipients use their bikes to get to bus stops, mainly located on main government roads, worksites in the "campos," or countryside, and to assist in selling milk, produce and handmade items. 

Send kids to school

Schooling in rural areas often culminates at sixth or eighth grade.  Once children become teenagers, if they do not have a bike, they lose access to continued education. This means they also lose hope of finding better jobs and ensuring a higher quality of life.

Go to medical clinics

Most rural families live far from central health clinics (Citalapa is over 8 km away and Las Quebradas is over 16 km away). Without reliable transportation to a central clinic, families will not receive treatment for illnesses, infections, wounds or broken bones. Access to health clinics is especially important for families with young children.

Spread God's word

Sometimes people use bikes to go to church. Pastor Luis of Citalpa relies on his bike to preach on Sundays and also reach surrounding communities. 

Why Bibles?


Prevalence of Bibles

Very few households in the rural Nicaragua have a readable Bible. When Set in Motion began visiting families in Nicaragua, we observed that less than half of them actually owned a Bible. However, all of them expressed interest and desire to learn from it and were receptive to the Gospel message we shared.

Power of Bibles

We believe that the Bible is the most powerful tool for improved livelihood. By reading and applying biblical teachings, people experience refreshment, peace and hope which transforms their lives and relationships.